Touch [Print Position], and then select the printing position. The Stamp Repeat screen appears. Type in the account name, and then touch [OK]. Paper misfeed in post inserter p. Note The consumables mentioned above are replaceable. Type in the password, and then touch [Login] or press the [Access] key.

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The Basic screen appears again. Replacing toner cartridges and staples and emptying punch scrap box Empty the oce 5520 scrap box.

Touch [Change Tray Settings]. After the machine has finished warming oce 5520, the scanned image will be printed.


Oce 5520 the door of the by- pass tray. Crosswise v If the width Y of the paper is longer than the length Xthe paper has a horizontal or land- scape orientation, indicated by v.

Detail When the message appears, prepare to replace the toner cartridge according to your maintenance oce 5520.

oce 5520 Lce the memory button where the paper size is to be stored. If there is no shift between the black and cyan lines, continue with step Before making copies Place the IC card hori- zontally on the card scanning area of the au- thentication unit IC card type.

Can the list of counters be oce 5520

Page 52 Before making copies Precautions for using the finisher: Install the waste oce 5520 box. Tray 2 cm To Select A Binding Position Setting When loading a document oce 5520 a binding margin, position the top of the document toward the back of the machine.

Touch [Message Display Time] or press the [1] key oce 5520 the keypad. If [Name] was displayed, type in the account name up to 20 charactersand then touch [OK]. How can the change in the printing priority be stopped? Before making copies Precautions 5520 oce 5520 the finisher: Oce 5520 Vertical 8in1 Select this setting to print eight document pages on one page.

Back Blank Paper for the back cover sheet is added after the last page of the copy.

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Remove the ooce unit from the oce 5520 protective bag. Replacing toner cartridges and staples and emptying punch scrap box Return the stacker unit to its original position.

Therefore, specify the document size in the Custom 550 screen, and then press the [Start] key. If a background color has been selected, the colors, including the select- ed oce 5520 color, are inversed.

Automatic duplex unit release le- Used to open the automatic duplex unit oce 5520 when clearing paper misfeeds.

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If it has, be oxe to shake the toner oce 5520 until the toner is mostly broken up before in- stalling the cartridge. If toner gets in your eyes, immediately flush them with water, and then seek oce 5520 medical attention. The Insert Paper Settings screen appears. Before making copies Type in the user name, and then touch [OK].


FN3 to feed out the paper. Replacing toner cartridges and staples and emptying punch scrap box Slowly peel off the stop- per tape. Touch oce 5520, [Color] or [Black], and oce 5520 use the keypad to type in the desired value.

Replacing toner cartridges and staples and emptying punch scrap box oce 5520 When returning the stacker unit to its original position, grab handle FN6, otherwise your hand or fingers may be pinched.

The 520 screen appears. Touch [Duplex 55200 Side].