Universal Minimus Wireless PowerDisc. Due to the faith we have in all of our products, we offer the following customer satisfaction guarantee: First couple connections also took a very long time to register on the phone. Grey’s Creek North Carolina. I didn’t mess with any settings.

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Does AT&T version of the skyrocket USB OTG? – Android Forums at

Please edit or confirm OK below, then re-submit. Grey’s Creek North Carolina. At work I installed the same drivers on a Win7 32 bits and it works fine.

HTC One M8 mini. Play Games on the Big Galazy Take advantage of Remote Support for mobile phones, tablets and TVs. Supports streaming full p HD digital video and 8 channel 7. Then I’d try again.

Solved: Connecting my Galaxy S II to my PC through it’s US – AT&T Community

Login with Samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket usb Forgot your password? Yes, my password is: Also, I’d go samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket usb application manager and clear out data and caches on just about everything that does not have the data and cache buttons greyed out. It’s the phone that’s doing all of the decision making, and the battery probably contains a battery management IC that controls charging. I apparently ripped that sticker off of the cable when I got it. Huawei Ascend Mate 3.

That build appears to be newer than the one I used. MultiCharger International – 6-Port. I hope this works for someone else too.

Oppo Realme 1 forum is now open May 18, It includes the drivers you need. I’d like to get an external USB keyboard to work with the Skyrocket. No more complicated cables.

Apple iPad Air 2. Obviously, that cable is for charging and not connectivity.

Does AT&T version of the skyrocket USB OTG?

Not so fast, there is a process that you must follow in order to connect as followes: MultiCharger International – 4-Port. Many Compatible devices including: Posting Quick Reply – Samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket usb Wait. Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Dec 10, 51 4 I’d love to have the sub battery be charged from the powered hub while I’ve got various external devices plugged in.

Or better yet radio shack sells gold. Not true, just ended up with a virus.

I use a Dell keyboard with media keys to control my phones music player and volume Sent from my Skyrocket. Just the 64 bit giving me trouble. First couple connections also took a very long time to register on the phone. Easily switch between gaming, videos, and web browsing.