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keith haring coloring pages

keith haring coloring pages dancing figures by keith haring coloring page free

Haring first received public attention with his graffiti art in subways where he created white chalk drawings on a black, unused advertisement backboard in the stations. He considered the subways to be his “laboratory”, a place where he could experiment and create his artwork and saw the black advertisement paper as a free space and “the perfect place to draw”. Starting in 1980, he organized exhibitions at Club 57, a gallery that hosted performances and exhibitions from emerging artists, which were filmed by the photographer Tseng Kwong Chi. Around this time, “The Radiant Baby”, a crawling infant with emitting rays of light, became his most recognized symbol. He used it as his tag to sign his work while a subway artist. His images were primarily composed of solid, bold lines with vibrant colors.

keith haring coloring pages

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